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Los Baños Raid Photos & Resources

A. Letters:
1 - 5x Letters from Martin L. Squires of Div Recon to LTG Edward M. Flanagan 1984-1986
2 - Letter from Sgt. Martin L. Squires (Div Recon) to Maj. Henry Burgess 1984
3 - Letter from Cpl. Terry Santos to Sgt. Martin L. Squires (both Div Recon) - 1984

B. 18 Interviews With Rescuers or Internees

C. The 11th Airborne "Swing Cap" -

D. 511th PIR Japanese Language Training Sheet

E. 511th PIR "Packing List" - Summer of 1944

F. Los Baños Raid After Action Report - 17 Mar 1945

G. Notice of Transfers from Santo Tomas to Los Banos- May 8, 1945

H. Books that cover the Raid


Footage, Raid on Los Banos, Luzon, February 22, 1945

Raid on Los Banos, Luzon, February 22, 1945

Liberated Internees Leopold Damrosch and Ned Davenport - Int. 9 March 1945

Liberated Internees from Various Camps, Including Los Banos - Int. 1945

Liberated Internee Dave Defries - Int. 9 April 2017

Liberated Internee Patty Croft - Int. 28 February 2018

PVT Frank Krhovsky, 511th Parachute Infantry, C Company

CPL Fred Stafford, 511th Parachute Infantry, B Company

SGT Richard Penwell, 511th Parachute Infantry, B & I Companies

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