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Trouble-makers. Thieves. Hell-raisers. Heroes.

Formed at Camp Toccoa, GA, the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, “the Angels”, fought with distinction during 204 days of combat in the Pacific. The first full unit to land on Japan, the regiment was led by Colonel Orin D. "Hard Rock" Haugen and saved the United States Airborne, destroyed 5,760 of the enemy on Leyte, liberated Manila, rescued 2,147 civilians at Los Baños, formed General Douglas MacArthur's Honor Guard and protected the surrender ceremony on the USS Missouri.

And their average age was 21.

This book covers one of the only parachute units to fight in the Pacific Theater. Their loyalty to each other, their ability to endure war's harsh realities and the emotional struggles they faced forged bonds of brotherhood that led them to be called, “The Band of Brothers of the Pacific.”

Utilizing firsthand experiences and interviews, including his grandfather 1st Lieutenant Andrew Carrico of Company D, When Angels Fall is a masterful narrative by a former journalist and historian who tells the full story of a group of America’s heroes, the elite Angels, in World War II.