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Albert Roe - H Company, 511th PIR

Albert Roe - H Company
Jeremy's book was wonderful to read! I really enjoyed it and it brought back a lot of memories for me, some pleasant, some not. It is a great history of our regiment in World War II, I highly recommend it.

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Richard Killblane, author THE FILTHY THIRTEEN

Richard Killblane The Filthy Thirteen
WHEN ANGELS FALL provides a detailed human account of life in the 511th PIR from its conception through combat operations on Leyte and Luzon and finally occupation of Japan. A very enjoyable read. This book is a must for anyone interested in airborne operations or World War II.

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Rear Admiral Edward Kristensen

I don't read many books these days, but I really enjoyed reading WHEN ANGELS FALL. It is so good and well-written and I even learned so much about another branch of service other than my beloved Navy.

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Robert Wheeler, Los Banos Internee

As one who was liberated along with my parents and younger brother from the Los Baños Prison Camp in February of 1945, once I started to read When Angels Fall, I couldn’t put it down. It is an utterly fascinating story...

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Trevor Larson, Regimental Historian

A masterfully executed recollection of many accounts of many 511 troopers that somehow keeps you focused as it jumps from one group of man in one episode to another. This is a must own book! It’s easily the best source of information out there.

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Christopher Lee - Grandson of 11th Airborne Trooper

My grandfather was a BAR man in the 11th Airborne in WWII and fought in the Philippines. There is very little written about this nearly forgotten unit, but I have read just about everything I can find on it. I found these books in early December and was incredibly surprised to find what I've always been looking for. "When Angels Fall" is an extremely well written history with personal accounts and stories linked with facts and dates, so that you build a bond with the people involved. It's a compassionate work to tell the untold stories of the veterans who fought in the Pacific in the 11th Airborne. It is the Pacific's Band of Brothers. I cannot recommend it enough! I'm working on "Down From Heaven" at the moment and it is written with the same care towards detail and making the story digestible and riveting. Jeremy C. Holm has done for the 11th Airborne what Stephen Ambrose did for the 101st Airborne. Do not miss these books!

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CWO-2 Randall Plese - 173rd Airborne, Vietnam

WHEN ANGELS FALL is a very informative book with a great writing style. It makes you feel like you know the men and can put yourself in their shoes. It is a unique part of WWII history. I love the personal touches with Jeremy's grandfather and his buddies. It brings the story home, as well as the documentation of the unit as a whole. I can't wait to finish the book. Congratulations on a great book and story of American military history.

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Matt - Grandson of 511th Paratrooper

In this day and age, it's rare to find such detailed, factual and virtually UNKNOWN World War II history. The author has done a superb job telling the story of the men behind the Los Banos raid.

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Sam Prince - Reader

I enjoyed your book so much. I went to North Georgia College (the West Point of the south), and got my commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the Army. You wrote WHEN ANGELS FALL in a manner that any ex military person could relate to. I am so impressed with your attention to detail and your writing skills. Thank you for writing this great book! I would love for you to let me know if you write another one.

Ralph - Amazon Reader

An excellent, interesting and well-researched read about the other ‘Band of Brothers’, the heart of the only US Airborne Division, the 11th, who fought the Japanese in the Pacific Theater. Great reading for any student of history, World War II or men in combat.

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