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Ralph - Amazon Reader

An excellent, interesting and well-researched read about the other ‘Band of Brothers’, the heart of the only US Airborne Division, the 11th, who fought the Japanese in the Pacific Theater. Great reading for any student of history, World War II or men in combat.

Their battle was one of jungles and swamps and a fanatical enemy, very much like the next generation of GIs who fought in the jungles of Viet Nam. Their experiences are almost identical.

These were the men who pulled off the great Los Banos raid that freed the POWs and civilian internees who the Japanese captured after the fall of Bataan.

The 511th were also the first American troops to land in Japan after the surrender. Not knowing how the Japanese population would take to their surrender, and fearing Banzai attacks, MacArthur wanted the best and toughest to take on that assignment. Fascinating history.