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Christopher Lee - Grandson of 11th Airborne Trooper

My grandfather was a BAR man in the 11th Airborne in WWII and fought in the Philippines. There is very little written about this nearly forgotten unit, but I have read just about everything I can find on it. I found these books in early December and was incredibly surprised to find what I've always been looking for. "When Angels Fall" is an extremely well written history with personal accounts and stories linked with facts and dates, so that you build a bond with the people involved. It's a compassionate work to tell the untold stories of the veterans who fought in the Pacific in the 11th Airborne. It is the Pacific's Band of Brothers. I cannot recommend it enough! I'm working on "Down From Heaven" at the moment and it is written with the same care towards detail and making the story digestible and riveting. Jeremy C. Holm has done for the 11th Airborne what Stephen Ambrose did for the 101st Airborne. Do not miss these books!