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Leyte, Philippines: November 6, 1944-January 29, 1945

The Angels quickly unloaded their AKAs and APAs on Bito Beach, forty miles south of Tacloban. Moving inland, the division relieved the 7th Infantry Division before heading up into Leyte's mountains to destroy the island's main Japanese supply line. Carrying their ammunition and 3 days rations, the Angels headed into "The Green Hell" and over the next thirty days they endured hunger, monsoon rains, mud, steep terrain, volcanic rock and banzai attacks out of the night's darkness. Countless paratroopers became deathly sick with malaria and/or dysentery while they fought the Japanese further into the mountains, carrying their wounded with them. Coming down from the mountains on Christmas Day, the Angels marched into Ormoc after destroying 5,760 of the enemy and earning 96 Silver Stars, 6 Soldier’s Medals, 90 Air Medals and 423 Bronze Stars.