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Dobodura, New Guinea - May 22-November 6, 1944

Glad to get off the Sea Pike, the 511th PIR boarded DUKWs and headed inland to Dobodura airstrips for six months of intense jungle training. They erected pyramidal tents by companies, built "kitchens" and relaxation areas and headed into the hills and mountains of the Owen Stanley Range to learn bushcraft and how to hunt the Japanese. The Angels stole food, weapons and equipment, including vehicles, from nearby units and consistently snuck into the nearby WAAC compound, bypassing the MPs on the way. The paratroopers enjoyed USO shows, gambled late into the night, and continued to hone their already deadly skills with countless practice jumps, field problems, firing drills and more. They then boarded ships for a 2,100 mile journey to Leyte.