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Luzon, Philippines: January 29-August 11, 1945

The majority of the 11th Airborne landed amphibiously at Nagsubu on Luzon and pushed inland through fierce enemy resistance outside Aga. On February 3 the 511th PIR jumped on Tagaytay Ridge and once the rest of the division arrived, the Angels pushed up towards southern Manila where they encountered and destroyed the intimidating Genko Line, the enemy's defensive line that utilized concrete pillbox, machine gun nests, naval and anti-aircraft guns, mines, and other deadly obstacles. With minimum artillery support, the Angels fought into the city and liberated Cavite, Fort McKinley, Nichols Field, and more. The division then turned east and then south to eliminate heavy areas of enemy resistance around Los Banos, Mt. Malepunyo and ultimately the Angels participated in Task Force Aparri, the last combat airborne operation of the war. In the fighting, the 11th Airborne earned 2 Medals of Honor, 9 Distinguished Service Crosses, 1 Distinguished Service Medal, 10 Legion of Merit medals, 326 Silver Stars, 1,126 Bronze Stars, 27 Air Medals and 884 Purple Hearts.